Enable Support Staff to Co-Manage.

More often than not Shops with around 10 staff have their Super Manager that tries to do it all by themselves.

For example; if each job has 85 tasks to do they are the ones usually responsible for most of them. Lets say the shop does 100 jobs per year that is 8,500 hardware-orders, Counter top orders, start-making-drawers-5-days-ahead-of-install-the-install-date tasks to remember. And do these Super Managers forget a few tasks? Yes, a lot so costly mistakes are made because one person can not do it all. Only if the staff could help out more?

With CMO now designated employees can support by co-managing all the tasks right on the shop's intranet. For example they can place a new manufacturing order with all the details, schedule all the tasks just from the install date, view and manage their own task assignments, check all the incoming communications with their private  secure email system.

Do they need to know it all? absolutely not, but it is so easy to learn that they can learn the majority of the management functions with in a few short lessons and then be a full management supporter.

 ........................  "Until we purchased Cabinet Makers Office I was doing all my sales orders on paper. Using a computer seemed a little scary to me but within an hour I was entering a new customer and their order details in the software!"  -                                                                   Gary, Cabinet sales

Role-based permissions give the Administrator control over how much access each employee or client has to company information and processes.

For example, with an available Internet connection your sales team can enter new orders directly into Cabinet Makers Office software. From customer contact details to the construction specifications for the cabinets ordered, everything is entered just once. Once the project has been activated individual employees or departments can login and see just what has been assigned to them.

With Cabinet Makers Office software you have your own intranet. You can communicate using only the system's secure IntraMail or combine with external email address notifications. Send drawings, images, or event notifications between staff securely within the intranet. When you are away from your usual computer simply login from any Internet enabled computer and send your communications from your own site without worries that your email might be blocked or sidetracked by junk mail filters.

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