How Using Cabinet Makers Office Benefits Your Company

Why should you choose CMO's web-based cabinet project management software?


"We guarantee that CMO software
will make your company more profit!"


Benefits to Your Company:

  1. Are you ready to replace the BIG WHITE BOARD??? Imagine a live-time white board that is instantly updated and is collaborative for everyone to use from any computer in the office or the shop!
  2. You will have the ability to keep all job details such as material ordered and communications for each project together in one single spot.  Yes all items for each project listed and tracked in a simple-to-read management system.
  3. "Goodbye stress!" The typical shop owner retains all the valuable information in his/her head, virtually guaranteeing a stress-filled life.
  4. The information for daily operations is now put into the hands of the people who can use it and co-manage it with you. For the cabinet shop owner this frees you up to work ON the company, not IN it!
  5. Time tracking of each task for each employee can be as simple as touching a screen or clicking a mouse button. Regardless of computer familiarity, employees of any technical skill level can "clock in and out" of each task easily, feeding information into the system so an accurate analysis of the "estimated versus actual" time can be created. This is a critical management tool used to adjust estimated labor when quoting projects.
  6. Scheduling all tasks (production schedules) in the plant at an advanced level. Typical cabinet shops will work on a single project through to completion. CMO's scheduling module gives you the ability to work on multiple jobs to achieve the shortest overall manufacturing time, therefore dramatically increasing throughput and PROFITS!
  7. Overall communication dramatically improves through the shared task managers and calendars. Management can see who the sales people are scheduled to meet at a glance. Sales people can see at a glance where production is at in the plant and will be notified very early if there are delays, giving them plenty of time to consult the client and re-schedule install dates if needed. The finance department can be notified of all work to be billed through a central, collaborative, communication relationship formed between all areas of the company!   


CMO software company benefit examples:


The following examples illustrate how Cabinet Makers Office software could benefit various persons or functions within a company.

CEO / Managers - With Cabinet Makers Office you have incredibly powerful tools at your fingertips that are easy to use. Track and manage all activities of your company real-time from any Internet-enabled computer. Read more

Sales Staff - All communications and orders are centralized and managed with each customer. Whether you want to follow a pre-written sales script, schedule an appointment, send an email or start a new manufacturing order, Cabinet Makers Office helps you do so easily and efficiently. Read more


Shop Crew - Employees can see their individual or department schedules for the day or coming week(s). Computer-enabled crew and out-sourced departments can provide instant feedback on availability. Touch screen capability for quick and easy use of the basic functions perfect for the shop floor.

Installers - Installers or others away from the shop can also increase their effectiveness with Cabinet Makers Office. With an Internet connection they can login and manage their schedules or communicate as easily as if they were in their office. They can also be quite effective with their Blackberry. Read more

Main software features:
  1. Order Confirmation and Tracking. Read more 
  2. Production Planning Project Management. Read more
  3. Easy to Learn and Use. Read more
  4. Access from Anywhere. Read more
  5. Corporate Kiosk. Read more
  6. Process Management with Procedures. Read more
  7. Permissioned Staff Access. Read more
  8. Increased Web Presence. Read more
  9. Dynamic Order and Customer Data. Read more
  10. Interactive Calendar. Read more
  11. Collaborative Environment.

  12. Cost-effective Data Storage.



You may think you have no need for Cabinet Makers Office or any other computer software to manage your business...

But what if you could increase your efficiency by 5% or more - would that make a difference? Maybe this translates to 1 more cabinet order you can handle per month or even 1 extra per week.

With Cabinet Makers Office you have at your fingertips powerful tools to help manage your projects throughout the entire construction process. These are tools that can be customized to fit your company's needs.

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