Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Our cabinet Making company has worked just fine for many generations, why should we change now?

A: What worked for your grandfather can absolutely still work today.

But when you see a CNC Multi-Cam router cut the carcass in 10% of the time to 1,000th of an inch in accuracy and utilizing less sheets of plywood that is "working smarter equals making more profit".

And when you see that your communications can be enhanced by 10-25%, and order details can become much more accurate and manageable, that too is a dramatic improvement in efficiencies.

Q: What are the main benefits we can expect?

A: Every company is different.

All companies see an increased successful communications rate saving a lot of time, and providing a more accurate way to manage order details and changes.

Wouldn't you like to see:

  1. Shop software to work with a touch screen and connects the shop to the office?
  2. All order data in one single spot accessible from anywhere you have Internet?
  3. Read and receipt communications for clients, staff, and suppliers?
  4. 2-week live calendars to show and manage all company activities?
  5. Near instant rescheduling with all parties for manufacturing / installation of delayed orders?
  6. An efficient repair ticket system to manage service requests?
  7. Increased business during slow periods through effective referral marketing to past clients? 

Q: Is Cabinet Makers Office software for drawing cabinets?

A: While CMO is not a drawing program, it is designed for easy collaborative sharing of documents such as an image or drawing. In less than a minute you can upload your drawing then share with other staff and/or client for feedback.

With interest we could explore integration of your preferred design software and our business process management software.

Q: Do you provide for and encourage data sharing?

A: Certainly! Cabinet Makers Office will gladly exchange data using XML standards with any other software program able to do the same. Let us know what you are using and which data you need to carry and we will do our best to make it happen!

Q: How long does it take to learn this software?

A: The major strength of Cabinet Makers Software is that it is built on the foundation of IntranetSites Office tools which specialize in making software extremely easy to understand and use. 

You could be using CMO's powerful features in half a day or less. With online help documents and movies you are always just a click away from immediate answers. In person training or live online video conferencing are other possibilities - please call for more information.

Q: What technical requirements are needed to run Cabinet Makers Office?

A: All you really need is a computer with an Internet connection. Our software is web-based so there is nothing to download. Cabinet Makers Office has been optimized for the Windows environment and works best with Internet Explorer 7.0 or Firefox.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: It is hard to put a pricetag on improved efficiency. With the incredible flexibility for customization Cabinet Makers Office can provide, we feel that our Premium version is worth every penny. There is a purchase price that is dependent on the amount of customization you require plus ongoing monthly service fees calculated by the level of usage by your company. Please visit the CMO Pricing Structure for the current details.

Q: Do I need a website?

A: If you do not have one already of course it is a great marketing tool. Yes we can provide a very-easy-for-you-to-update website and register your domain for you. If you want no web presence and just want the management capabilities then we can do that too.

Q: We already have a website - how do we use your software?

A: Our management software can totally stand alone or we can integrate it into almost any existing website.

Q: How secure is our data on-line?

A: Much more secure than in your own office for sure. No more fretting over viruses, hard drive crashes, or computer thefts - we can have you back up and operational fast. Similar to the Banks and Governments we have servers to store backups of your database every day. We further have your data in co-locations 1,000's of miles apart in different cities.

If you prefer we can also arrange for you to run your CMO software and keep a database locally at your office in addition to our storage. This is triple protection others won't give you.

Q: We manufacture windows, not cabinets - can we still make use of Cabinet Makers Office?

A: Certainly! Cabinet Makers Office was built with the cabinet manufacturing industry in mind but at its foundation is a client relations management (CRM) system that can be used by any business or industry. We may have to do some customizing for your industry but if you are willing to work with us we would be excited to discuss the possibilities.

Q: Do you offer training?

A: Yes, we support Cabinet Makers Office completely. You will have access to:

  1. Telephone support 8:30 am to 4:00 pm PST
  2. A library of on-line video training
  3. An extenive online help system  

Q: How often do you upgrade (and what does it cost us)?

A: Most upgrades are system wide (all of our intranet sites benefit) and are applied with no interruption to your service and no additional cost. These happen as we improve the regular features or build in new ones that we feel should be used by every client.

Customized upgrades specific to your company or industry can be ordered and negotiated directly with us.

Let's get you started today! 

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