About Cabinet Makers Office:

The development of CMO software began with addressing the core needs of the wood working industry.

A client/friend in the cabinet manufacturing industry had once commented to us how difficult it was to find job scheduling and task management software that was easy to understand and use. He really liked the management solutions that Global Intranetsites, parent company to CMO, had built for other businesses.

Listening to this shop owner and others since, CMO endeavors to develop new modules and features to meet the real needs of this industry.

For example, the development of the Shop Kiosk pulled together job scheduling, capacity management, and live time communication between the shop floor and administration.

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Open Data Exchange:

Cabinet Makers Office believes it is important, even critical, to be able to share data across as many software platforms as possible. CMO is therefore constantly in dialogue with industry software developers to develop partnering or at least cooperative relationships. Using XML data exchange standards, CMO's software development team will attempt to work with any other software platform. 

There are virtually no limits to what can be accomplished with CMO software including the IntraOffice® suite of tools licensed from the parent company, Global IntranetSites.com Inc. CMO's highly experienced and skilled development team can customize Cabinet Makers Office software to suit the exact needs and operations of your company.

Bill (owner/CEO) would love to show you what this powerful software package can do to improve your company's bottom line and brighten up your day!

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