Benefits / Easy to Learn and Use

Easy to Learn and Use.

"I have considered computers a waste of my time but this messaging system is extremely easy to use. I was creating calendar events and sending out intraMail within a very short time." - Carole

Not all employees or suppliers know how to use a computer - with this system it is delightfully easy, just one click and they can be viewing their tasks for the day or week. Two clicks and they can reply.

The forms are simply a matter of data entry - as they should be. The constructed and customized order procedure makes the default assignments and all that remains is for the person managing the project to check assignments and due dates making changes only if necessary.

As the company founder I was in trouble when I initially designed a system for the technocrats. At a certain point we made a physical overhaul - we needed a system that my 84 year old mother and 86 year old Mother-In-Law could use. The old adage of "make it simple with 1-2-3 steps" was reduced to TWO steps or less whenever possible. We achieved that gaol of enabling non computer savy members being able to use our commucnations system. 

 - William Coughlin Founder/Owner, Cabinet Makers Software

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