Custom Kitchen Design Trends

Custom Kitchen Design Trends

Professional kitchen designers all agree that the kitchen is becoming a focal point of the family home.   We all have dreams of beautiful kitchens, but we need to make sure that our dreams can fit into our budgets. There are five customizes trends you want to watch for when performing kitchen design. These trends are outlined below:

From the Ground Up: Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood floors have the advantage of being both attractive and functional. Families have messes all the time, particularly in the kitchen! With a thicker hardwood floor, you can refinish it many times. If you decide you want to change the look, sand it down and refinish it. A hardware floor also insulates the floor, so you can wear your bunny slippers for fun instead of necessity.

Free-Standing Cabinets or is it Furniture Essential Finishing Touches: Hardwood Mouldings

People like things to look good and be functional. Free standing, or “unfitted” cabinets fit this requirement. They hold extra storage space, and they have cute little accents to make them look adorable. You may want to look at them as customized pieces of cabinetry.

These types of furniture allow you room to give your kitchen it own characteristic look, by allowing more room for things like widows, columns and displays. You can get classically designed pieces to conceal many of your full size appliances.

When you look at your kitchen you want to see those quality finishing touches. Hardwood mouldings are an essential part of this. They come in oak, cherry or maple.

You can change your cabinet’s appearance by adding columns, valances, and galley rails. Hardwood mouldings are put on cabinetry faces, on top of cabinets as crown moulding and in corners. If you have purchased stock cabinets, you can still get that custom look by applying hardwood mouldings.

Countertop Customization

There are dozens of materials available to create your special countertop look. Mixing the appearance of the countertops in your kitchen is common practice now. Lots of people like the look of concrete with glass and metal enclosed within it. Soapstone and marble are still highly regarded by homeowners, but infrequently used areas of the kitchen tend to have stainless steel, sealed concrete or quartz.

The material choice is not the only decision with countertops; you also may consider colours, easy of repair, and knock-off types of materials. The butchers block is still used commonly.

Latest Appliances add Sophistication and Convenience.

The kitchen can now be considered a high-tech center of the home with the new appliances available. Examples of high tech appliances include duel-fuel ranges, refrigerators, and dishwashers.

There has been a long debate over gas or electric heat for cooking with many people on either side (it has been known to break up the odd family!). Duel-fuel ranges are constructed to appease both sides.

Old yellow-toned fridges are a thing of the past. New refrigerators have different temperature controls, and they can even be concealed so you don’t even know it is a fridge. You might even invest in a counter-height unit and use it as a butler or pantry!

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