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The fact that the winner of the top 100 industry website won first spot for being the "Best Looking Website" shows that the judges where swayed by the beautiful presentation and the most amazing verbiage showing a caring business Philosophy of helping customers build out their dreams. Their effective marketing even suggests that they do "life style" consulting rather than selling just PRODUCTS like kitchen boxes.

In fact if judges of the top 100 website position had put more weight on the real "Acid Test" of this site being an effective business tool to generate business leads and customers it then fails miserably.

Problem: No one can find them on the search engines: When doing a Google or Yahoo search for "Kitchens in Abbotsford "  eg: your products in your service area such as the home town of 250,000 and service area of 1 million their website is not to be found.

Problem: How do the customers read any support material: there is no no FAQ or education pages or check lists or any support for the new or existing client, in fact this site offer amazing photographs but not really much more. 

Problem: how do potential customers turn into LEADS There is no place for them to register for more information, an appointment, a consult, or upcoming event like a street of dreams display of products. Of course once a prospect registers a weak interest in becoming a future customer one then needs to follow up on that lead until they mature into confirmed paying customers under contract.

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