Benefits / A Day in the life: Bob the Installer

The Benefits of CMO: "A day in the life of installer Bob"

The following describes how Cabinet Makers Office can improve the efficiency of an installer.


My name is Bob and I am the chief installer at Dream Kitchens. As I walk in to the office I sit down at a free work station and in just a few seconds I am logged in to my account on our Cabinet Makers Office.
I see my scheduled work hours and start my day clock by clicking "Clock In". The calendar now shows that I have two scheduled work orders. One is a quick repair order with a 45 minute budget and then there is the new kitchen install at 45763 Gleneagles Cres for 9:30.

Earlier in the morning while in the coffee shop I had already received an email on my Blackberry informing me of a new installation and asking me to confirm my availability. I check the date and click the “Confirm” button. I know from experience that within seconds the shop will have received my confirmation and is already loading the truck. 

The manager has already estimated the size of the new install. Looks like a 9 hour install so the shop manager has probably carried over part of the install to tomorrow. I know that we already had a full day tomorrow so I decide to call in and tell them I will work late and finish up here. This will save the drive and setup tomorrow - the boss should be suitably impressed! 

At the job site, as the day wears on, I take note that one door hinge is not working and one drawer face is damaged. I can either use my Blackberry to send a note back, or wait until I’m at the computer and write it up then. Since I will be at this site for the entire day I will at least start a service item going so that they know back at the shop that I won’t finish today after all.

I use the browser to return to my installation order and click the service request button at the bottom. This opens up a notes screen where I can type in what is needed to complete the job. I save my notes and notify the installation manager. When I get home or tomorrow morning I can add more detail from the computer.

When I clock out for the day my Work Record will have totalled the hours from when I punched in to when I punch out. I can adjust this to reflect the actual work day I put in and then the shop supervisor can confirm it so I can get paid.

While I’m at it I quickly send an IntraMail to the manager requesting a few days off work at the end of the month. I need a break. It looks clear on my calendar so he should not have to reassign anyone. Checking the "job pending" folder I see that there could be some installs during my intended holiday and our software’s capacity management feature ensures there are few lulls in our job schedule. But I need the break - I can always check in from beside the pool...
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