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Meet the Cabinet Makers Office Team:


William Coughlin
Founder / Chief Executive Officer

 Bill Coughlin is a strong visionary who is constantly thinking outside the box. He excels at developing new concept companies, project management and marketing. Bill loves to design new ways of meeting common challenges. Identifying an area which lacks adequate resources or tools, Bill creatively envisions a means to fill the void. 

CabinetMakersOffice is just one recent example of Bill Coughlin's visionary genius. As a Public Company Builder, Business man, Bill saw a great need for better team collaboration information and calendar sharing, project administration, transaction management,as well as secure document storage. From this vision CabinetMakersOffice was birthed.


Craig Friesen

Chief Operations Officer


Craig Friesen is an administrator, human resource manager, Internet business consultant and a gifted freelance writer. Craig brings to CabinetMakersOffice 18 years of administrative experience, teaching and education as a church minister. Additionally, Craig has been successful with part-time home business consultation and online marketing.

Craig administers the day to day operations and finances of Global IntranetSites as well as other related business ventures. His wide range of skills and experience means he often helps out in areas beyond his job description. Craig enjoys and excels at customer support and training as well as keeping the CabinetMakersOffice staff content.



Andrew Scott
Ajax / C# Programmer (Lead)

Andrew Scott has 14 years of development experience with nearly nine of those with web-based applications. Andrew's expertise lies with user interface design (GUI) and front-end application development (Javascript) but is also highly proficient with CSharp. His self-written GUI library is extensive and a prize for Global IntranetSites who counts itself fortunate to retain Andrew's services. In addition to his own programming duties, Andrew manages the company's team of contracted programmers.


Bruce Poling
Development Director Canada/ Australia
Canada / Australia

 CabinetMakersOffice is extremely pleased to recently have Bruce join the CMO team as our business production and manufacturing specialist. During Bruce's 20+ years in the cabinet/furniture manufacturing industry he has become a process efficiency expert, CNC machine integrator and a trainer/integrator for Planit software.  He has learned that operating a business through lean times requires a strong will and a “can do” attitude requiring a strong ability to schedule and manage multiple projects simultaneously.

Studying CPIM through APICs has reinforced his business knowledge in operating successful operations. Efficiency goals of both financial and production are achieved through strong, effective, realistic planning and a high level of communication.  It is his belief that the relationships between the 3 areas - Sales, Manufacturing and Finance, is the key to achieving a balance between supply and demand.  He currently implements these procedures through BPM consulting with a high degree of success

Crystal Cope
PHP / MySQL Programmer
United States

Crystal Cope currently serves the organization as a Senior Internet Developer. She received her Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Information Systems from DeVry University in 1995. Since that time, she has worked for several well-known companies such as Honeywell, Pilgrim's Pride and Kenneth Copeland Ministries, where she most recently served 7 years. Her expertise is designing and managing MySQL and other databases and developing with PHP. Crystal's passion is in creating the friendly user website interfaces. Crystal resides with her husband and two children in Texas where they are awaiting the birth of their 3rd child. She lives for her family and is involved with her local church, where she serves as the Nursery Director.


Contributing Consultants


Remick Tadesse Lee
Web Application Designer/ PHP Programmer

Remick Tadesse-Lee is a Web Application Designer with over 10 years experience programming in various languages with a well-proven aptitude for interface and software design. An excellent communicator, he is able to explain technical and challenging concepts with patience and creativity -- he also has 12 years teaching experience.



Steven Balisky 
Sales / Marketing

Registering his first business at age 16, Steve has operated and managed numerous businesses which range from ecommerce design to IT consulting. With motivated strengths in performance management, and creating corporate image, Steve is currently complementing his experience with his final year of a Bachelor of Commerce Degree, majoring in Operations Management and Marketing. Steve brought new experience, ideas, and dynamics to CabinetMakersOffice as the Canadian Marketing Director. 


Mike Ritchie
PHP / Cold Fusion Programmer

Mike Ritchie started off as a graphic designer, specializing in print media. In his 10-year career in this field, he co-created, produced and published an independent comic book that was distributed as far as Germany and Israel, and also worked as a pre-press designer for a large packaging company with offices in Toronto and Vancouver. Around the start of 2000 he discovered a burgeoning new digital media known as HTML and quickly began to understand its true potential. Mike began his second career at that moment, as a successful web application developer specializing in small business applications in ColdFusion and PHP.



Mo Dhaliwal
Data base architect, (MySQL specialist)



Mo is an expert data base architecture and design. He specializes in optimizing scripts and fuses to reduce processing bandwidth. Mo has built and managed large international Online service corporations.


 Steve Landis
PHP / MySQL / Java Script Programmer

Steve has being the original architecturer of the db design and the person to introduce the Fusebox object oriented philosophy to our suite of products. He has also being the designer / coder of the original artificial intelligence module "ChatMaker".

We still rely on Steve for guidance as our company continues to evolve.


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